Monday, January 28, 2013

Tiny Alice's only album

Tiny Alice
Tiny Alice, is from Cleveland, Ohio, and they were a seven member band that had only this single album from 1972 and it is a mix of musical styles with a dash comedy.
Track one, "Doctor Jazz - The Chocolate Dandies of 1932" is, as the title mentions, a jazz number that introduces the band in a nightclub setting. It reminds me of a comedy song of the 1930's. Track two, "Freeze To Me Mama" sounds a bit like John Mayall's, "Room To Move". The following track, "Stock Exchange of Love" is a bluegrass tune with a good play on words about love. "Got Me Going," is what I call a light hearted pop song with violin and sax that transitions into the fifth track, "Southbound". This country song is upbeat and I think it is the best track on this side. "Rainbow Song" ends this side on a happy go pop feel.
The second side starts on a very melancholy note with, "Times are Getting Hard" but picks up with, "Oranges and Blues", a very nice folk rock song. The third track, "15¢ Hamburger Mama" is an upbeat comedy poking fun at the fast food hamburger joints. "A Word From Our Sponsor" is a satire about the Kent State riot of 1970 using the melody from the Kent cigarette commercial and it slides into, "Guarantees". This song is a boogie with a long intro before the vocals start but it has a good beat, which prevents it from being boring, and then it literally drives in the final track, "The Whistle Poem". This is a recital of a humorous poem and it has a nice punch line.
All said this album is worth the listen and makes a fine addition to a vinyl collection.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blodwyn Pig - Ahead Rings Out

Blodwyn Pig - Ahead Rings Out
The latest band on the Final Vinyl is the British band, Blodwyn Pig, and I have their debut album, "Ahead Rings Out", it is the American release on A&M Records. The American version has some different songs then the British release.
The first song, "It's Only Love", I can only describe as a boogie with brass. Jack Lancaster plays a solo with a baritone and soprano sax, simultaneously. Track 2, "Dear Jill" is a nice bluesy number followed by, "Walk On The Water" which starts mellow and then goes up tempo. The final track on side one, "The Modern Alchemist" is a jumping, jazzy, jam, very nice.
Side two starts with "See My Way", a good rocking tune, and is followed by the track, "Summer Day". It has a riff which is very similar to a Spooky Tooth song. "The Change Song" is a nice acoustic number with some verbal comments at both ends. "Backwash" is fifty-one seconds of mellow acoustic guitar and flute which leads into the final track, "Ain't Ya Coming Home?", the publisher omitted the word, babe, from the end of the title. This is my favorite cut on the album, it is heavy and driving, not your standard three chord 4/4 beat.
This album is a definite, listen to it more than once, gem.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Updating the Final Vinyl Blog

Just want to say that I have not abandoned this blog, I just get so busy with life and the many other things that I enjoy doing that this falls to the bottom of the list. I'm going to start doing reviews of the albums that are on my website and then post my comments on this blog. I have a least one album from every band that is listed on The Final Vinyl and will pass on my thoughts about them. I will also make an effort to post the music on the Final Vinyl's YouTube channel. I have posted several videos and will be adding more as time permits.