Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blodwyn Pig - Ahead Rings Out

Blodwyn Pig - Ahead Rings Out
The latest band on the Final Vinyl is the British band, Blodwyn Pig, and I have their debut album, "Ahead Rings Out", it is the American release on A&M Records. The American version has some different songs then the British release.
The first song, "It's Only Love", I can only describe as a boogie with brass. Jack Lancaster plays a solo with a baritone and soprano sax, simultaneously. Track 2, "Dear Jill" is a nice bluesy number followed by, "Walk On The Water" which starts mellow and then goes up tempo. The final track on side one, "The Modern Alchemist" is a jumping, jazzy, jam, very nice.
Side two starts with "See My Way", a good rocking tune, and is followed by the track, "Summer Day". It has a riff which is very similar to a Spooky Tooth song. "The Change Song" is a nice acoustic number with some verbal comments at both ends. "Backwash" is fifty-one seconds of mellow acoustic guitar and flute which leads into the final track, "Ain't Ya Coming Home?", the publisher omitted the word, babe, from the end of the title. This is my favorite cut on the album, it is heavy and driving, not your standard three chord 4/4 beat.
This album is a definite, listen to it more than once, gem.

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