Monday, January 28, 2013

Tiny Alice's only album

Tiny Alice
Tiny Alice, is from Cleveland, Ohio, and they were a seven member band that had only this single album from 1972 and it is a mix of musical styles with a dash comedy.
Track one, "Doctor Jazz - The Chocolate Dandies of 1932" is, as the title mentions, a jazz number that introduces the band in a nightclub setting. It reminds me of a comedy song of the 1930's. Track two, "Freeze To Me Mama" sounds a bit like John Mayall's, "Room To Move". The following track, "Stock Exchange of Love" is a bluegrass tune with a good play on words about love. "Got Me Going," is what I call a light hearted pop song with violin and sax that transitions into the fifth track, "Southbound". This country song is upbeat and I think it is the best track on this side. "Rainbow Song" ends this side on a happy go pop feel.
The second side starts on a very melancholy note with, "Times are Getting Hard" but picks up with, "Oranges and Blues", a very nice folk rock song. The third track, "15¢ Hamburger Mama" is an upbeat comedy poking fun at the fast food hamburger joints. "A Word From Our Sponsor" is a satire about the Kent State riot of 1970 using the melody from the Kent cigarette commercial and it slides into, "Guarantees". This song is a boogie with a long intro before the vocals start but it has a good beat, which prevents it from being boring, and then it literally drives in the final track, "The Whistle Poem". This is a recital of a humorous poem and it has a nice punch line.
All said this album is worth the listen and makes a fine addition to a vinyl collection.

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  1. Please, please, post "Dr. Jazz - Chocolate Dandies of 1932". I've been dying to hear a cleaner version of it than the mono copy I taped off my clock radio over 40 years ago!