Thursday, March 7, 2013

Alvin Lee Is Gone But His Music Isn't

I remember the first song that I heard by Ten Years After was, "I'd Love To Change The World", from, "A Space In Time", album. I knew then that I had to get more of their albums and soon after I heard their performance at Woodstock and Alvin Lee became one of my guitar heroes.
His style was one of the inspirations that drove me to learn how to play guitar.
A while ago, at a previous job, one of my co-workers was boasting that he had filled his ipod and that a lot of it was music from the 70's. I asked him what songs did he have from Ten Years After, and he said, who! I was very surprised and commenced to tell him all about Alvin Lee and my favorite Ten Years After albums. I hope he took my advice and made some room on his ipod.
I was saddened when I heard of Alvin's passing as yet another music icon leaves us their legacy in vinyl, video and CD.

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