Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bit 'A Sweet - Hypnotic 1

The band Bit 'A Sweet spent the 60's in the discotheques of New York City with their brand of psychedelic-pop style of rock. Hypnotic 1 is the only album that they produced.
The opening tune, "Speak Softly", showcases what the band is capable of and highlights their psychedelic-pop sound. "2086" gets weird and spacey with some interesting sound effects but the song is catchy and it may get stuck in your head. The third track is a Beatles cover of, "If I Needed Someone", and once I got past the special effect intro I found it to be a nicely done version. "With Love" is a good pop tune spiced up with a psychedelic feel thanks to the effects on the vocals. The last track on side one, "Monday-Tuesday", takes you back to the dawn of recorded music and adds a air of mystique to the band.
Side two begins with, "Diamond Studded Eyes", it has an intro which reminds me of a funeral march but the verses have an upbeat sound and the ending goes into a bit of weirdness. "How Can I Make You See" is a very good cover by the Cowsills. The next tune, "Travel", is an excellent instrumental that could be used in a movie soundtrack. The album finishes with, "A Second Time", it is eight and half minutes long and is a roller coaster of musical expressions, from the heartbeat intro to the tolling bell outro.
This album is a fine example what a good songwriter combined with talented musicians can accomplish. It was released on CD in 2011 with two extra tunes and is worth a listen for anyone that likes to get groovy.

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