Saturday, July 20, 2013

On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone

I'm sure there is nobody that has not seen or at least not heard about the latest cover of the iconic magazine, Rolling Stone. Just when you think nothing could surprise you, something does. People want to do something to set them apart from everybody else and in trying to accomplish this their actions are getting more shocking. Reality shows are the biggest culprits, causing mental anguish, physical injuries and even death, but man's installable appetite for drama feeds these productions. The editors and writers know this and will use this to sell their publications. We can't stop them but we can stop eating the hash that they cook.
I was an avid reader of the magazine many years ago and I was a subscriber for a few years, I even have a few collectible editions in my library, but now I only read it if there is something published that interests me.
This latest issue does not fall in either category, I refuse to read it nor will I buy I for my collection, but I'm sure some people will put it away hoping that the controversy will cause it to have some value in the future.
Maybe that was the motive behind the issue, to bring attention to the magazine and get it back in the public eye. It worked for me because I haven't read it in quite a while nor do I know of anyone that reads it on a regular basis. I think it would have been just as effective if they had done a collage of the heroes of the Boston Marathon bombing.
To glorify a radical that has denounced the United States and caused death and injury to innocent people is appalling, to say the least. In today's electronic age, where some papers and magazines have stopped printing hard copies or have gone out of business, is this really a wise move for Rolling Stone Magazine?
This is just one more item for Rolling Stone Magazine to put on its list of controversial covers.

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