Friday, January 31, 2014

The Glaringly Garish Grammys

The Grammys have always been anticipated with great earnest by the artists, more so than the music lovers. These is due in part by the method to which they are chosen.
Recording Academy members and record companies enter recordings and music videos that they feel are noteworthy. They are then screened by "experts" to make sure that each entry is eligible and placed in its proper category. Then comes the first round nominations by voting members, and they are directed to vote only in their areas of expertise. Ballots are then tabulated by the accounting firm of Deloitte. The first round nominees are then returned to the academy members for the final tally and they are again tabulated by Deloitte. Now I must say that this method does sound fair, I mean I'm sure that the record companies do not try to influence the academy members and that the same members don't vote in both rounds.
I don't see anything bias in this procedure, do you? Maybe I'm reading to much into this, there are over 20,000 academy members and they range from singer songwriters to music professors, which should give a deserving artist a decent chance for  a Grammy.
I think the problem is the show, some of these performers want to leave an impression that will not be forgotten, but in the end it only gives most people second thoughts about watching the Grammys.
I watched the 56th Grammy awards and I will never watch it live, I will record it and fast forward through the artists that don't interest me and stop at the actual award presentations.
The majority of the performances in this years Grammys were over produced, from the provocative opening number by Beyoncé to the aerial show by Pink. Some artists were not in there best form, Kristofferson looked sickly, his voice was awful and Willy's singing faded in and out.
Some of the artists decorum was less than flattering, Geezer Butler laughing while Ozzy was accepting their award and Jami Foxx's insinuation of the partying going on backstage.
However, not all of it was less than entertaining, the tribute to footballs half time shows was excellent and some of the music was worth listening to.
My take on this is, get the show into a comfortable two hour format so that the performances would be shorter and the opening monologue less than three minutes. Also party after the show so that the fans can enjoy a sterling show instead of a stoned spectacle.

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